Why Yoga for Kids?

These days, it is inevitable that our children also get caught up in the hustle and bustle of adult life. Like adults who turn to yoga to unwind from the daily stressors, children can find respite in yoga too.

You may wonder how can children even sit still for long. Well, yoga for children is delivered in very different manner from adults. It must be FUN. Yoga poses and meditation are explored through songs, storytelling, games and interactions with others.

Here are the good reasons why children should dabble in Yoga too.


From a young age, children have been expected to excel academically and socially. In a highly competitive environments created by schools and sports, children can become overly self-critical, often basing their self-worth on grades, medals or other endorsements set by establishments.

During a kids’ yoga class, there is an environment with the absence of judgement and competition. Yoga is not about achieving the perfect pose but discovering self through an internal transformative journey. Every child is recognised for their individual unique ways. The positivity and encouragement will nurture self-acceptance and discover their inner qualities.

Exploring funs things we can do with our breathe

2. Yoga offers a wide range of movement for the kids.

Yoga poses include forward bends, back bends, twisting, balancing, stretching and being upside down. The range of movements will increase awareness about their bodies and its capabilities. In fact, children themselves are already natural yogis with their flexibilities.


3. Yoga not just exercises their bodies, but also their minds.

Maintaining in a balancing pose requires focus and children are encouraged to use their breathe to guide them through myriad poses. Developing their ability to focus will eventually help them in tasks beyond their yoga mats.

Kids’ yoga class do not just involve the teacher telling them what to do. They are invited to co-create the class too. A yoga class creates the space for them to be imaginative and creative as they invent new names, poses or stories to share throughout our yoga adventures.

4. Yoga for children involves interaction with others.

The most important rule in a kids’ yoga class is respect – respecting themselves, respecting others and respecting the space. Through partner and group yoga work, children also increase their awareness about others and develop social skills.

There are plenty of scientific studies on the positive effect of yoga on children here. That gives the more reasons why children should do yoga too.

Yoga 4 All conducts regular kids yoga classes at Club Co Co Nut and during school holidays. Follow us at on Facebook or Instagram for any upcoming events or contact us at yoga4allsg@gmail.com.

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